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Our Services

At CineArts Afrika, creativity is our hallmark. We offer exemplary services provided by  professionals who are experts in their areas of discipline. We work with a team that is  proficient in all genres and formats to deliver successful results. From fiction to  television programmes, documentaries to corporate products, TV spots and  animation, our team can handle it all. CineArts Afrika has insights on how to engage  with any audience based on content as a result of research carried out on various  subjects as evidenced by our portfolio.  

Our award-winning work is exemplified by the company we keep. Our partners are a  clear testimony of the range of content that we create and the diverse ideas that we  bring to life. At CineArts Afrika we have a unique and compelling way of telling stories.  Our heartbeat is in the way we craft these stories.

Our team breathes life into your vision, with top-notch cinematography and direction. We handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your project.

  • Cinematography: Capture breathtaking visuals with the latest technology.
  • Direction: Bring out the best performances from your actors and crew.
  • Set Design: Create immersive environments that enhance the visual storytelling of your project.


Start your cinematic journey right with expert script development, casting, and location scouting. Our pre-production services set the stage for a successful and captivating film production.

  • Script Development: Transform your ideas into a compelling screenplay.
  • Casting: Find the perfect talent to bring your characters to life.
  • Location Scouting: Discover stunning backdrops for your project.


Experience the magic of storytelling come to life with our world-class film production services. At Cinearts Afrika, we specialize in a wide range of cinematic projects, bringing your unique stories to the screen with creativity and precision.

  • Feature Films: Craft compelling narratives, capture emotions, and create unforgettable cinematic experiences.
  • Documentaries: Dive deep into real stories and capture the essence of your subject.
  • Commercials: Elevate your brand with visually stunning and engaging commercial content.


Elevate your project with seamless editing, immersive sound design, vibrant color grading, and stunning visual effects. We bring your story to its full potential during the post-production phase.

  • Video Editing: Craft a seamless and compelling final product.
  • Sound Design: Enhance the audio to create a fully immersive experience.
  • Color Grading: Add depth and mood to your film.
  • Visual Effects: Elevate your project with stunning VFX.

Distribution & Marketing

Take your film further with our expertise in festival submissions, marketing, and distribution strategies. We ensure your work reaches the right audience through various platforms, creating a lasting impact.

  • Festival Submissions: Navigate the film festival circuit and gain exposure.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Create a buzz around your project and connect with your target audience.
  • Distribution Strategies: Ensure your work reaches the right audience through various platforms.

Training & Mentorship

Our production studio offers a unique opportunity to elevate young filmmakers by providing immersive training in script polishing, mastering production scheduling, effective budgeting, crafting winning pitches, safeguarding intellectual property, fostering entrepreneurship, and guiding you through the intricate process of pre-production, production, and post-production.