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TURNING TIDE: Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

They are dynamic, innovative and successful. These are African women entrepreneurs. Have they achieved greatly? Yes, and are contributing to the economies of their countries. They are indeed turning the tide in Africa by stamping their authority in business.

The series was produced with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).


The first 13 episodes feature Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda entrepreneurs. 

The series was launched in Ethiopia and has been screened to audiences across the globe and broadcast in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda and across Africa on M-Net. 

Episode List








Coco Pundugu

The Transporter


Panache Ltd 

Panache has made her mark in the competitive clearing and forwarding business in eastern and central Africa and is exploring expanding its presence globally.

“I want to give back. When I was in a refugee camp, someone fed me .”

Emebet Tafesse

The Coffee Connoisseur


ZEBAD General Import and Export.

ERKAB Transport and Consultancy Service

ZEBAD exports Ethiopian coffee, renowned the world over for its superior quality, to the global market.

ERKAB provides clearing and export services for traders using the port of Djibouti.

“Without working together, we cannot think about development and growth.”

Eva Muraya

The Brand Promoter


Color Creations Ltd

Color Creations Ltd produces state-of-the-art advertising and promotional merchandise through the development of a wide range of screen-printed and embroidered products.

The company serves a wide range of clients with innovative and creative visibility material.

“Our ability to be above board can be what will turn the day for the woman in the enterprise”

Genet Kebede 

The Designer 


Paradise Fashion

Paradise Fashion in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specializes in the production of the finest Ethiopian hand-woven wear with unique products in the fashion industry as well as promoting the special skills of traditional Ethiopian weavers. 

Apart from Paradise Fashion, Genet, a highly regarded fashion designer and the proprietor of works in partnership with two friends in a garment manufacturing company, GMM Garment P.L.C.

“I think Africa has got something beautiful and something that is not yet seen outside Africa. We have to be strong enough to show what we have.”

Gilda Odera

IT Specialist


Skyweb-Evans Company Ltd, 

Skyweb Technologies Ltd, 

All About Kids.

All About Marketing

Four businesses offering diverse services – marketing, children’s play areas, and information technology services. 

Always keen on spotting business opportunities, Gilda has developed her simple business ideas into thriving enterprises. 

Through sheer determination, Gilda has scaled the corporate ladder and won recognition in Kenya and beyond.

“Never say you can’t do something: try it and even if you fail, try again.”

Grace Achire Labong

The Communicator


Vantage Communications Ltd

Vantage Communications is a public relations and communications company based in Kampala, Uganda with branches in Tanzania and Rwanda. 

Vantage Communications focuses on developing and building brands, actively managing corporate reputations, and helping organizations increase awareness of their services and products.

“We shall remove the shackles of Africanness because African, service delivery can be as good as anywhere else”.

Joy Nduguste 

The Social Entreueprenuer


Gahaya Links

Gahaya Links’s unique creations bear the distinctive character of traditional Rwandan designs made by hand, using a centuries-old technique.

Starting with only seven women, Gahaya Links now brings together thousands of women who weave traditional baskets and utility items for the export market. 

“The women’s voice is being heard in this country, and it is being appreciated.”

Julian Adyeri Ommalla 

The All Rounder


Delight Uganda Ltd

Delight Uganda Ltd is strategic with a future that comes with immense growth and bigger dreams.

Through the founder, the company has excelled in manufacturing, farming, construction, and export trade. 

Apart from marketing, Julian is also the sole distributor of Rwenzori bottled water in South Sudan. 

“Business is like a wheelbarrow. No matter how steep the hill is, you must push it until you reach the top.”

Khadija Simba

The Manufacturer


Kays Hygiene Products Ltd

Kays Hygiene Products was established by one of the first women to venture into business in a country that didn’t allow women to any vital position in society.

“Stay focused, Stay true to yourself”.

Mulemebet G Sellassie

The Beauty Care Expert


Byogenic Beauty Spot

Byogenic Beauty Spot is Addis Ababa’s first beauty center and a pioneer of the beauty care industry in Ethiopia. 

In fulfilling a lifelong dream, Mulu’s business grew, and she realized the need to start a training center to offer courses on specialized services as this expertise was not readily available.

“Come forward and be an example to other people.”

Nalina Rapuni

The Leather Crafter



Adelphi has been a trailblazer for what defines ‘Made in Kenya’ redefining global luxury through Kenyan sensibilities.

Utilizing her small savings, Nalina Rupani started the exclusive leather handbags and accessories under the Adelphi label in various outlets in Nairobi.

“I believe, in life, we can aspire to be anything we want to be as long as we set our minds to it.”

Nyokabi Njuguna

The Brand Builder


Marketing Strategies and Solutions

Looking to help entrepreneurs position themselves in the competitive environment, Marketing Strategies and Solutions provides a range of services to suit the individual needs of its clients. 

Previously a manufacturer of utility items, Nyokabi followed her heart and plunged into the unfamiliar consultancy field.

“Business is hard work, team building, and networking”.

Rahel Zedwe 

The Weaker


K Design

K Design is a business that dates back 50 years. The company specializes in garments and accessories exclusively made from Ethiopian hand-woven fabric. 

The K Design label has gained wide recognition because of the superior quality of the company’s products.

“To be successful in business, it has to be something you know and love to do.”